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I want to give you 25 mins of my personal 121 time to help you with your ‘stuff’ in return for you helping me for just 5 mins or less…

I think that’s as simple as I can put that really and it is heavily weighted in your favour…as it should be

​For you:

  • We can talk about your goals, your progress towards them and what obstacles you are hitting…
  • We can talk about meal plans and how to make them work
  • We can talk about how to destress and declutter your life.
  • Basically, we can talk about anything you want or need to talk about.

For me:

I am just wanting to talk to people who I am trying to help most and seeing what pains, obstacles, and confusion we all go through when trying to achieve the goal of life long leanness, strength, and health.

​The questions I will be asking are:

  1. What are you biggest struggles and challenges you face when it comes to learning how to get Strong, Fit and Healthy and implementing them?
  2. We all know we need to Move – Eat – Re-energise everyday…what’s your biggest struggles and obstacles with trying to do that day to day?
  3. What would your expectations be, or what would you like to achieve in a 4-8-12 week program?
  4. What programs have you done in the past and why weren’t or why were they successful?
  5. What really pisses you off / annoys you / doesn’t serve you when trying to learn about Movement – Nutrition and Destressing?
  6. What really pisses you off / annoys you / doesn’t serve you about the health and fitness industry?

Ok so if you are willing, keen and available to help me

And you would also like me to help you for 25 mins with something in your Health & Fitness journey

Then please jump on the link below and book a timeslot.

I can do most of Monday and Tuesday every week.

Ill also as a thank you, give you some FREE resources as a thank you.

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