When you are looking for an online coach is imperative to find someone who understands where you come from, what daily challenges you face and what the best strategies are to not only get you started but keep you on track even when life gets in the way. The CJ Rubric founder, Chris Forrest can definitely relate to your demanding lifestyle of being a parent.

He has been a personal trainer for over 6 years, built a fitness business from the ground up and trained hundreds of people in person so they could feel better and healthier, become stronger and achieve more in life.

Chris also had the opportunity to work with Murray United as a strength and conditioning coach in 2015 which challenged and helped him to understand how to motivate people to follow through with their habits outside of the pitch/gym in order to achieve their goals.

He became a dad himself at the end of 2016 and now understands that what was possible and achievable before is not as easy anymore. Chris had to learn how to change or adapt new habits to fit his new lifestyle as a dad so he can still stay in shape, work full-time and take care of the baby at the same time to support the mum who also works.


The CJ Rubric was born as an online solution so Chris and his team could reach a larger amount of people who needed a plan to fit their busy lifestyle and someone to ensure they practice the new habits daily to achieve their goals.

The team, in the lead with Chris soon realised that majority of people who benefitted most from the online programs are busy parents just like you; dads who’d like to appear as heroes for their kids and mums who’d like to be able to get everything done and still stand strong at the end of the day like a warrior.

The CJ Rubric concept had got a whole new meaning after Chris’ son was born. His new life experiences as a father made him realise that parents need to re-shape their goals, their expectations and implement small changes in their daily habits, one at a time so they can focus on family and work life while still following a plan to stay healthy and fit for life.

As a result of all the above The CJ Rubric now focuses on helping busy parents like you to become the strong super-dads and warrior women they always wanted to be.

​The secret is starting now and starting small, implementing small changes, new habits, one at a time, consistently every day until they become the new you. Whether you have 5 minutes or 30 a day, you can always do something to get closer to that goal.



Do you feel you are ready to start your own ‘Pirate Map’ towards a stronger and healthier life? Are you willing to dedicate a little time every day to improve our fitness levels? Contact us today to find out more and see how The CJ Rubric program can help you.

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