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What’s coming up with The CJ Rubric

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A lot has happened our first lock down.

I wanted to take the time to not only remind myself, but also show you all how we are improving what we are doing to give you when best experience on the border.

Back when this all started on June 22, we said we would be doing a 3 phase launch that looked like this.

Phase one was a massive undertaking.

In the space of one week, we were able to do something I didn’t think was possible.

With the help of our amazing community…

Initially the plan was as follows.

  • Phase 1 – Immediately.
  • Phase 2 – As soon as possible, most likely November/December
  • Phase 3 – Future projects.

I am happy to say we are kicking goals and changing our timelines.

  • Phase 1 – DONE
  • Phase 2 – August/September
  • Phase 3 – Early 2021.

Check out our revised timeline below.

I’m going to break down Phase 2 and do a little bit of teasing 🙂

New Company Name & Branding

We are launching our new company name and training to align better with our mission of changing 1000 Albury/Wodonga’s peoples lives and giving them the transformation and results they deserve.

I’m not going to let the cat out of the bag yet but you can get a little teaser in this video 😀

Completed Gym Fitout & COVID Safe

We will be kitting out the gym to allow a flawless training experience for our CJ Rubric Legends.

While this probably gets us trainers more excited than our CJ Rubric Legends.

It still feels amazing to know that you won’t be battling to share equipment in our current climate.

We are building a gym that is COVID safe and allows you to have the training experience you deserve.

Here is just some of the changes we have made during phase 1 to make our legends training experience even better.

Open Gym Access

We want our facility to be the one stop shop for everything you need to get the results you want.

What we found was that some coaching legends still kept their memberships to 24/7 gyms and even though they didn’t enjoy going.

They wanted to do something on the day in between our semi-private session.

We are happy to announce that very soon we will be able to offer open gym access to our facility during staffed hours (as per current COVID rules)

Allowing you to come in and do extra work programmed to you by your coach in the same facility you can your kick-ass semi-private training sessions

You will also be able to use the Integrated Coaching Platform (mentioned below) and we can build the most effective program for you and your goals.

Integrated Coaching Platform

Our new coaching software is a game changer.

Not only for our coaching legends but also our coaches.

It allows us to give you a better coaching experience and give you better results and lets us offer more coaching times because we don’t have to spend hours in a spreadsheet.

It also allows you to see your progress over time and log workouts you do at home etc.

Getting results is all about consistency, and having this coaching system allows you, and our CJ Rubric coaching legends to be able to keep showing up no matter if one or more of our trainers is out of work due to sickness or COVID testing.

1on1 Personal Training Studio

As part of our expansion and growth, we will also be opening up 1on1 coaching spots for those who are in critical health services and want to still be able to train but can no longer come to the semi-private sessions due to COVID rules.

There will be open to everyone however and more will be announced soon.

Nutrition Coaching Program

Along with the launch of the new company name and branding.

We will be launching our flagship Nutrition Coaching Program.

Giving you a straight forward, no B.S., simple path to you achieving your goals.

This is coaching that works in the real world from people who have the same struggles as you.

Long workdays, juggling family food choices and more.

We are hoping to make an announcement in the next 2 weeks

The Greatest Referral Gift Ever

We are so close to announcing this it’s making me nervous with excitement.

If you refer someone to us, here is what they get:

  • One Week of FREE Fitness Training: In-Person ($70 Value)
  • $100 Gift Certificate for Our #1 Best-Selling 21 Day Transformational Kickstarter Program which includes over $600 of value
  • HabitMakerâ„¢ 7-Minute Fitness & Nutrition Victory Journal (Priceless)
  • The Big 3 for Fat Loss, One Page Workout Cheat Sheet, One Page Food Tracker: 3 Essential Special Cheat Sheets that are like pirate maps. Follow the map and find the treasure of a fit, lean and healthy life. ($15 value)
  • VIP Velvet Rope Gifts from Albury/Wodonga’s Best Businesses ($100+ value)
  • Plus…Your Transformation FastTracK™ Personalized Prescription – One of the KEY ways we help you get your best body and health, without the obstacles and problems that hold so many people back ($99+ value)

Just enter your information to get it all, completely free, with no obligation to buy anything, ever

Also, you can 100% refer to yourself if you are not a current client.

And that’s just phase 2.

We can not wait to deliver this to you all over the next 2-3 months.

If you don’t want to wait, you can get yourself onto our 21 Day Transformational Kickstarter and be a part of the journey now.

You can watch us grow as we 100% guarantee that if you follow our advice, you will achieve your goals at the same time.

Register your interest for our Kickstarter here: 

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