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[Infographic] The importance of sleep

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In the CJ Rubric we focus on the Big 3

  1. Move
  2. Eat
  3. Re-energise.

We talk a lot about the first 2 but today I want to talk about probably the most important aspect of the big 3.

We can train until and cows come home and eat extremely well but if we neglect our Re-energise.

We are basically leaving money on the table.

Ever get stuck in the motivation trap?

Saying something like “I will start, but I’m just not motivated”

Well the only way to get more motivated is to increase your energy

Motivation = More Energy
More Energy = Motivation

When you start saying…

“I need to get more energy”

Now, all of a sudden we have something tangible to chase down.

Most of us all know how to get more energy…no one knows how to magically get more motivation.

The absolute best way to get more energy is to improve the quality of your sleep.

Notice I said quality….that’s because sometimes getting more quantity (longer sleep) might be impossible.

But improving quality is easy when you implement what we have in our super handy infographic below


You can download a Printable Version of this infographic here

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