You can not magically produce more motivation. Focus on this instead

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Been thinking about this a lot lately.

We say it to ourselves all the time.

I need more motivation to

  • Start exercising
  • To eat better
  • To change my life


Then we get stuck looking at this waiting for motivation to kick us in the pants and get moving.

What if we changed motivation to energy

I need more energy to

  • Want to exercise
  • Follow my nutrition plan
  • Want to change my life

Now when we look at this, we might start thinking how can we get more energetic?

Things like getting more sleep, eating better quality foods and starting to move more pop into our heads.

We might start doing these things, even only just a little bit

These things, when done right, start to reduce our overall stress

Which in turns brings us more ENERGY

Which would allow us more time and space to practice the things we want to do more often.

When we consistently do the things we need to do to bring us more energy

We start getting more MOTIVATION

Because MOTIVATION comes from the result of taking action

If we change our thought process from finding the motivation to actively trying to be more energetic by working on the Big 3 (MOVEMENT, NUTRITION, RE-ENERGISE)

Motivation will show up again and again.

What can you do today to give yourself more energy?


10 ways to increase your energy that takes less than 5min to action


Bouncing off what I mentioned above, it’s about changing our dialogue from saying “I need more motivation” to “I need to get more energetic” and watch motivation take care of itself.

So, I wanted to share 10 ways you can increase your energy so you can create more space so you to WANT to start moving and working towards your goals.

Each one of these takes the stress out of your STRESS CUP.

The STRESS CUP is you. 

All stress, good and bad, pours into this cup each day. 

Your capacity to handle the day’s stressors is directly related to how big your cup is (strength, fitness and health) and what stressors are already inside it (sleep, nutrition, emotions) 

After a while, if you practice them enough, you will start building a larger, more resilient stress cup.

Bigger stress cup with less stress in it ==> more capacity to do more intense exercise and a larger capacity to handle lifes sh!t that get’s thrown at you

Here are my 10 favourite time-efficient ways to increase energy for me and for The CJ Rubric Legends:

  1. Cold showers
  2. No screens before bed
  3. Meditation
  4. 5min journals (App or physical)
  5. Box breathing
  6. 5min movement snack
  7. Roll around on nice grass in the sun
  8. Coffee
  9. Focused play with your kids
  10. Walk in the sun

Below, I break down each one to show you why we find it beneficial and how you can do it.



  • Have a shower like you normally do it
  • For the last 30-60 seconds, start turning the hot water off
  • Make the shower as cold as you can handle. Usually, this is when breathing starts getting heavy
  • This could be no hot water at all or it could be 50/50
  • Over time, make it all cold


We use it for two reasons in our coaching group

  1. As a kickstart in the morning or middle of the day. The cold shock and breathing is like an espresso shot to your system
  2. To lower body temperatures before bed. The body likes to regulate its own body temp for optimal sleeping, having a cold shower before bed allows you to get into a deep sleep sooner





It sounds weird when I say 5mins and then says turn screens off at least an hour before bed

It’s the action of turning off your screens, that takes less than 5mins to action 😊

Here’s how to do it:

  • Turn off all electronic devices that send out some kind of light.
  • Computers, tv’s, phones, watches etc
  • Some devices have night mode which can be helpful.


The light coming from these devices (BLUE LIGHT) have the same effect on your body as what the sun does when it’s rising

They put into action, hormones in your body, that start waking you up and making you feel alert

For a rocking sleep, turn off screens at least 60mins before bed and read a book.

Your body will fall into a deeper sleep much faster and you will wake feeling more refreshed and energised




There are so many ways to meditate, it’s nearly impossible to list it here.

I’m just going to list the principles because they are global across all meditative practices

Principles of meditation:

  • Focused breathing
  • Being present
  • Letting thoughts come in and out of conciseness
  • Sensing your body and it’s parts

How you practice these principles is up to you but an app I am loving right now is the


The current state of the world means we are nearly all walking bags of stress

If we think of the amount of stress we can handle is a glass cup

All of the day’s stressors (food choices, work stress, home stress, life stress, training and exercise stress) goes into this cup

If you fill your cup up with poor food choices (food stress) and have massive life/work/home stress, you are leaving very little room for you to be able to get a positive response from your training

If you overfill your stress cup, you will cause a spillover effect

When this happens, it can stop you getting results, can lead you to feel depressed, your energy falls and the cycle repeats

Meditation daily can help you to lower the amount of stress in your stress cup

Allowing you to work with your body instead of against it

Which in turn will bring you must better results long term.





You can get either the physical journal or the iPhone app, which is what I use

In the morning you write 3 things you are grateful for and 3 things you will get done

You finish up the morning with your affirmation

At the end of the day, you write 3 amazing things that happened today and how you could have made this day better

Check it out here:


I love the 5min journal as a busy day because it can be done in 5mins

Typically this also gives me tonnes of ideas for writing and videos.

The act of seeking out the thing you are grateful for and counting your wins at the end of the day are very powerful tools

When feeling down, you can look back over your journal entries and see all the cools things you have accomplished

I like the app for this feature the most as you save a picture to remind you of the day each day.


4×4 Box Breathing


  • Choose a position to rest in (I like being on all fours in a deep rock position)
  • Breathing into your diaphragm and then into your upper chest for 4 seconds
  • Hold your breathing for 4 seconds
  • Breath out for 4 seconds
  • Hold empty lungs for 4 seconds
  • Do all the above through your nose

Repeat for desired time

If you can complete 4×4 comfortably, take it out to 5×5 and so on


Breathing is a great down regulator of stress

We all wear stress in our shoulders and the act of the 4×4 box breathing helps you to take tension of out of your body and your mind

The benefits are huge and different for everyone but if you learn to nasal breath and build your capacity over time, you can effectively build better lung capacity and in turn, build a bigger stress cup

We all know that a bigger stress cup allows us to handle more of life’s sh!t.

So box breathing not only lowers the stress going into your cup, but it also builds a bigger one

Give it a try while laying in bed tonight

I bet you will be asleep before the 5mins is over




  • Pick an upper-body exercise & do 5-10 reps
  • Pick a lower body exercise & do 10-20 reps
  • Pick a Core/floor and everything else exercise – 20-30 reps
  • Rest as needed and repeats for 5mins
  • You can find them all here:


The biggest obstacle I hear is time.

My obstacle is time.

We either don’t have enough or we don’t use it properly

5min snacks are the answer to not having to stress about finding 10-20-30-60mins to exercise

Some days we just can not get a block of time to get the movement we need

5mins snacks allow you to break up your workouts and fit them in and around your busy life.

Think you can’t get a challenging workout in under 5mins?

Try doing 5mins of the following

  • Push-ups to technical failure (when you cannot keep elbows against ribs and chest won’t touch the floor)
  • Mountain climbers x 30(as fast as possible)
  • Plank x 5 breaths

Try and do that without letting knees touch the floor.





Grab your kids or a friend and get outside, on the grass and roll around a bit.

Just have fun


Everyone likes rolling around on nice grass, it just brings back the feels of when you where a child

Plus getting out into the sun for a little bit every day is good for you

Vitamin D is massive and if you get a little every day, it can make you feel amazing

Get outside, roll in the grass and take a pic and share it below

Everyone who shares a pic will get a special gift from me





Step 1: Make a cup of coffee or buy one
Step 2: Bring cup/mug to your mouth
Step 3: Drink and watch shoulders relax (or jack up depending on who you are)


I’ll be 100% honest.

I used to tell people to have 1 coffee a day and no more after midday

That was until we had baby Theo and I get maybe 2 hours unbroken sleep a night

Now we have baby number 2 (Ruby) and COVID-19 going on. Life is just crazy.

Without a doubt, coffee has allowed me to show up as a dad, business owner and coach way more than last year.

However, you should play with caution

Everyone has a different threshold and if coffee affects your sleep, you should not have a coffee after 3 pm at the absolute latest

Being a non-drinker and coffee basically being the only thing I do socially, I class it as a 5min Re-energise because it does two things for me

Get me out and about and connecting with cool people

Gives me a quick energy hit when I need it






Set aside a minimal amount of time you will spend each day with each of your children 1on1.

My go-to is 5mins.

I can always go above and beyond 5mins and I nearly always do


Kids are the best time wasters

They just want to play, be active and have fun

As we get older, we are told we need to do this, do that and be this type of person

Often sacrificing our quality time with our kids to become the best adults we can be

In our coaching groups, we focus on balance, whatever effort you put into movement and nutrition, has to be put into re-energise skills to make sure we are balanced

Note often than not, all the coaching member do focused play with their kids as their go-to re-emerges skill

It’s a small investment for a huge payoff

For us, it’s 5mins of what seems like nothing

For our kids, it’s 5mins of what could be the best part of their day.



Sometimes going for a walk feels like it’s taking time away from other things you need to do

So here a good rule of thumb

Put shoes on, at the timer for 5mins and get outside for a walk

For best results, do it in nature

For even better results, do t with friends and family

This is focused on walking, by the way, 10,000 steps are great but we want to make this a focused time on just walking


Walking is easily the best thing we can do to lower stress and to get extra movement in

In our busy lives, we think we need to do these super hard workouts to get the results we want.

When you put these hard workouts into a system that is already stressed out to the max, you risk injury, lack of results and other life serious effects

Why not just go for a walk, it doesn’t have to belong, it doesn’t have to be short

Just put those shoes on (or not) and get stepping

I think the saddest thing in the world right now is that we don’t have time to get outside and walk

We can all change that by doing 5mins a day to get started.

Under the pump, use 5mins as the minimum.

Got some time, use 5mins to reduce the barrier to starting the walk and go for as long as you like

Every week during isolation we are running a 7-day challenge to keep you on point and to hopefully come out the otherwise of COVID-19 shenanigans fitter and healthier than going in.

We cycle between 7-day movement, nutrition and re-energising challenge each week.

Join our next 7-day challenge below

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