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Many parents feel that they are not able to be anymore. The CJ Rubric founder, Chris Forrest has experienced this first-hand: Family first, business or work second and health and fitness come only third on the priority list if you’re lucky.

Therefore, most mums and dads put off their fitness goals for years, focus on family and work only and slowly don’t recognise themselves in the mirror, feeling frustrated, waiting till things settle and wondering if they will ever look as fit as before.

If that describes you, here’s the deal. There’s no need to wait 5-15 years before getting into shape again! You can start now, using what you have, even if that’s only 5 minutes a day. The CJ Rubric can show you how to become the superhero for your kids and still take care of everything that’s important


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In-person and online coaching to get you strong, lean and awesome

In Person & Online Coaching

We build the workout program to suit you and your personality.

We make sure you love the workouts allowing you to get results fast

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Personalised nutrition coaching to get you in the best shape of your life

Nutrition Coaching

We guide you on how to eat in a way that gets you lean and keeps you lean while still being able to socialise

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Lower stress and bring more energy into your day.

Re-energise Coaching

Motivation = Energy
Energy = Motivation
We show you how to get more energy in your day so you show up with more motivation day after day

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Obstacle Racing

Individual Programs & Weekend Workshops

Obstacle Racing

Make the next race one to remember.
Through individual training programs and weekend workshops.


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We can help you transform your body and your life!

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Get 50% off the first month and start your transformation today.

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